Changes to the Aktions Project

General Overview

The Aktions project incorrectly assumed the needs of its users. We assumed that massive, anonymous information is superior to smaller, focused information. This decision was refuted by the KDE Usability team. We considered their arguments and discovered more merit in their ideas than ours. Our methodology accounted for this event; as such, our project requires few modifications. Those that it does require simplify our design.

The second spiral of Aktions incorporates a few broad changes. The first change integrates the routing service into the API. Second, the data viewer has become a usability test administration console. Finally, platform independence was dropped. These changes are detailed in the next section.

Changed Features

Removed Features

New Potential Features

While determining the direction of Aktions, brainstorming for replacement functionality occurred. A brief list of functionality that may be included in future releases follows:

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